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Hebrew Scriptures and More is intended to deal with OT Hermeneutical, Textual, Text Critical, and Pedagogical issues.


APTS Courses


APTS-BHE614 Hebrew 3

APTS-BIB509 Old Testament Introduction

APTS-BIB528 Hermeneutics

APTS-BIB566/BHE566 Old Testament Theology; 2007 version

APTS-BIB586 Biblical Introduction

APTS-BOT535 Post-Exilic History & Literature

APTS-BOT612 Old Testament Background

APTS-BOT620 Pentateuchal Studies

APTS-BOT630/BHE630 Exegesis of Genesis

APTS-BOT634/BHE634 Exegesis of Isaiah

APTS-BOT640/BHE640 Exegesis of Numbers

APTS-BOT641/BHE641 Exegesis of Exodus

APTA-BOT694 Exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel

APTS-RES536 Research Methods 1


Other Courses


Digital Research for Faculty: Internet & Software (11-2006)

OT Hermeneutics

Studies in Ezekiel

Studies in the Book of the Twelve

Studies in Job


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