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  • TheoWiki. TheoWiki is a dynamic resource containing information about theology, religions, and philosophies. It is also a community of online users who can all contribute to the content development in TheoWiki.
  • THEOLDI. Theological Literature Documented in the Faculty for Catholic Theology at Leopold Franz University Innsbruck. THEOLDi contains the following databases: BILD - Biblical Literature Documented in Innsbruck; KALDI - Canonistic Literature Documented in Innsbruck; and MIMESIS - Documentation on the Mimetic Theology of Rene Girard.
  • Index Theologicus - a bibliographic database of over 600 periodicals, Festschriften and Congress Publications that is updated every night.

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Online Book Collections - Church History

  • Religious Study Web Guide. This web site, in existence since 1995, focuses on free internet resources of use to researchers involved in the academic study of religion.
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library. CCEL is a collection of public domain Christian books in an electronic format.
  • ICLnet. A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet.

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