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  • Rambi: The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies. Rambi is a selective bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel. The main criterion for inclusion in the bibliography is that the article be based on scientific research, or contains imortant information for such research.
  • Okeanos: Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Okeanos is an interdisciplinary resource for the study of the Ancient, Biblical, Classical, and Late Antique Near East created and maintained by Scott B. Noegel.
  • Northwest Semitic Links. These links have been collected by Reinhard G. Lehmann and include: Search Engines, Mailing Lists, Hebrew, Epigraphy, Aramaic, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Journals, Fonts+Software, Conferences.
  • All-in-One Biblical Resource Search. This site was developed by Mark Goodacre and includes the topics: Bible Versions and Translations, Greek New Testament, Biblical Resource Sites, Ancient World, General Academic and Religion, and Email List Archives.
  • World Wide Web Sites Relating to the Ancient Mediterranean. These links were compiled by K. C. Hanson.
  • THEOLDI. Theological Literature Documented in the Faculty for Catholic Theology at Leopold Franz University Innsbruck. THEOLDi contains the following databases: BILD - Biblical Literature Documented in Innsbruck; KALDI - Canonistic Literature Documented in Innsbruck; and MIMESIS - Documentation on the Mimetic Theology of Rene Girard.
  • iTanakh. iTanakh was begun in June 2000 as an effort to index internet resources that might be of use in the academic study and teaching of the Hebrew Bible. iTanakh is designed to help everyone from undergraduates to professors emeriti find useful sites on the web. It is maintained by R. Christopher Heard at Pepperdine University, Religion Division.
  • BiBIL. Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne.
  • University of Haifa: Bibliographica Search Engine.
  • Textweek Scripture Index.
  • Ecker, Ronald L. And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible. Electronic Edition, 1995-2006.
  • Index Theologicus - a bibliographic database of over 600 periodicals, Festschriften and Congress Publications that is updated every night.
  • Biblical Studies Search - Searches biblical studies sites that are prepared by academic biblical scholars and researchers.

Online Book Collections Related to the Old Testament and ANE Studies

  • ETANA. Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives.
  • www.dabar.org. The purpose of this site is to provide resources that are freely distributable (unless otherwise noted) to those who are interested in studying the Bible (the biblical world, archaeology, ancient history, ancient texts), theology, missions, monotheistic religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and pagan religions.
  • TC Ebind Index. The TC Ebind Index contains digitized works of value to the study of biblical textual criticism. All of the images accessible from this page are freely available for non-commercial use.
  • Seforim Online. This web site is dedicated to making old seforim of Rishonim and Acharonim available over the internet. The Seforim Online project is run by dedicated individuals who are commited to the mitzva of Talmud Torah. All of the seforim available on this web site are completely free. Most of them are out-of-print and are not readily available in stores. Some are not out-of-print, but due to their age do not have any copyright restrictions.
  • HebrewBooks.org. Hebrewbooks.org was founded in order to preserve old Hebrew books that are out of print and/or circulation. Many American Rabbis wrote Seforim (Hebrew books) in the early part of the 20th century. They have long since passed away and in many instances so has their holy work.
  • Jewish National and Universit Library - Digitized Book Repository.
  • Net Bible Library - Sergej A. Fedosov.
  • Bible, Judaism and Christianity via Google Book Search - Mischa Hooker.

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Collected OT Essays

  • Harper, Robert Francis, Francis Brown, and George Foot Moore, eds. Old Testament and Semitic Studies in Memory of William Rainey Harper. Volume 1.
    • Frontispiece, Photogravure of William Rainey Harper; Francis Brown, Introduction; Crawford Howell Toy, On Some Conceptions of the Old Testament Psalter; Henry Preserved Smith, Theophorous Proper Names in the Old Testament; Charles Augustus Briggs, An Analysis of Isaiah 40-62; Hinckley Gilbert Mitchell, The Omission of the Interrogative Particle; Max L. Margolis, Character of the Anonymous Greek Version of Habakkuk, Chapter 3; George Foot Moore, Notes on the Name [yhwh]; William R. Arnold, The Rhythms of the Ancient Hebrews; Frank Chamberlin Porter, The Pre-Existence of the Soul in the Book of Wisdom and in the Rabbinical Waitings; John D. Davis, Persian Words and the Date of Old Testament Documents; Albert T. Clay, Aramaic Indorsements on the Documents of the Murašû Sons; J. Dyneley Prince, A Hymn to the Goddess Bau (CT, XV, 22); Christopher Johnston, The Assyrian Word Nubâttu; Duncan B. Macdonald, A MS of Abu Hiffan’s Collection Of Anecdotes About Abu Nuwas; William Hayes Ward, The Cylinder and Cone Seals in the Museum of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg; Ira Maurice Price, Some Cassite and Other Cylinder Seals.
  • Harper, Robert Francis, Francis Brown, and George Foot Moore, eds. Old Testament and Semitic Studies in Memory of William Rainey Harper. Volume 2.
    • Lewis Bayles Paton, A Text-Critical Apparatus to the Book of Esther; Charles Cutler Torrey, The Apparatus for the Textural Criticism of Chronicles--Ezra--Nehemiah; Paul Haupt, Critical Notes on Esther; Julius A. Bewer, Critical Notes on Old Testament Passages; George A. Barton, The Origin of Some Cuneiform Signs; Charles Prospero Fagnani, The Structure of the Text of the Book of Zephaniah; Morris Jastrow Jr. An Omen School Text; Nathaniel Schmidt, The Original Language of the Parable of Enoch; Richard J. H. Gottheil, Dhimmis and Moslems in Egypt; John Merlin Powis Smith, The Strophic Structure of the Book of Micah.
  • Kohut, George Alexander, ed. Semitic Studies in Memory of Rev. Dr. Alexander Kohut.
    • F. Max Müller, On Ancient Prayers; Moritz Steinschneider, Lapidarien, ein culturgeschichtlicher Versuch; Cyrus Adler, The Cotton Grotto—An Ancient Quarry in Jerusalem, with Notes on Ancient Quarrying; J. Barth, Die Pôlel-Conjugation und die Pôlal-Participien; Charles A. Briggs, A Study of the Use of [leb] and [lebab] in the Old Testament; K. Budde, Die Ueberschrift des Buches Amos und des Propheten Heimat; T. K. Cheyne, The Book of Psalms, Its Origin, and Its Relation to Zoroastrianism; Hartwig Derenbourg, Le dieu Rimmôn sur une inscription [k]himyarite; B. Felsenthat, Zur Bibel und Graminatik. 1. Kimchi oder Kamchi? 2. Erklärung von Amos VI, 10; M. Friedländer, Jehudah ha-Levi on the Hebrew Language; Julius Fuerst, Spuren der palästinisch-jüdischen Schriftdeutung und Sagen in der Uebersetzung der LXX; M. Gaster, The Oldest Version of Midrash Megillah Published for the First Time from a Unique Ms. of the Xth Century; M. J. de Goege, Quotations from the Bible in the Qoran and the Tradition; Hermann Gollancz, Translation of a Targum of the Amidah; W. H. Green, The Diction of Genesis VI–IX; Max Grünbaum, Renan über die späteren Formen der hebräischen Sprache; J. Halévy, L’enterrement de Jacob d’après la Genèse; Hartwig Hirschfeld, Notiz über einen dem Maimûni untergeschobenen arabischen Commentar zu Esther; Marcus Jastrow, An Analysis of Psalms LXXXIV and CI; K. Kohler, The Testament of Job: An Essene Midrash on the Book of Job Reëdited and Translated with Intorductory and Exegetical Notes; Samuel Krauss, Aegyptische und syrische Götternamen im Talmud; Mayer Lambert, De la formation des racines trilitères fortes; M. Lazarus, Erklärung einer TalmudstelleThéodore Reinach, Le deuxième ruine de Jéricho; L. A. Rosenthal, Einiges über die Agada in der Michilta; S. Schechter, Notes on a Hebrew Commentary to the Pentateuch in a Parma Manuscript; M. Schreiner, Beiträge zur Geschichte der Bibel in der arabischen Litterature; Moïse Schwab, Mots grecs et latins dans les livres rabbiniques; C. Siegfried, Beiträge zur Lehre von dem zusammengesetzten Satze im NeuhebräischenH. Steinthal, Charakter der SemitenH. L. Strack, Ueber verloren gegangene Handschriften des Alten Testaments; Benjamin Szold, The Eleventh Chapter of the Book of Daniel; C. Taylor, On Codex de-Rossi 184; Hugo Winckler, Die Hebräer in den Tel-Amarna-Briefen.
  • Lyon, David Gordon, and George Foot Moore, eds. Studies in the History of Religions: Presented to Crawford Howell Toy.
    • The liver as the seat of the soul, by Morris Jastrow Jr.Yahweh before Moses, by G.A. Barton; Der Schluss des Buches Hosea, by Karl Budde; The two great nature shrines of Israel, Bethel and Dan, by J.P. Peters; The theological school at Nisibis, by G.F. Moore; The translations made from the original Aramaic gospels, by C.C. Torrey; The consecrated women of the Hammurabi code, by D.G. Lyon; Figurines of Syro-Hittite art, by R. J. H. Gotthei; Bibliography [publications of C.H. Toy], by Harry Wolfson.
  • Essays in Modern Theology and Related Subjects: Gathered and Published as a Testimonial to Charles Augustus Briggs, D.D., D.Litt., on the Completion of His Seventieth Year.
  • Harris, James Rendel. Aaron’s Breastplate: And Other Addresses.
  • Harrison, R. K. "The Biblical Problem of Hyssop," The Evangelical Quarterly 26.4 (1954): 218-224.


  • What's New in Abzu. A chronological listing of newly added or edited entries in Abzu, a guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet.
  • Ancient Near East .net. Exploring and resourcing the Ancient Near East and Egypt.
  • Awilum.com. This blog is intended to deal with the Bible and the Ancient Near East, focusing on teaching, research, causing reflection and moving the field forward.
  • Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective - This blog investigates modern and classic Hebrew, slang, Yiddish, Aramaic, Yeshivish, and more, with an eye on etymology.
  • Bible Software Review Weblog.
  • Biblicalia. This blog deals with the Hebrew Bible, ANE, Apocryhal/Pseudepigraphic Works and Christian Origins.
  • BiblicalStudies.org.uk. This blog posts articles on Old Testament Studies with three other companion blogs: Earlychurch.org.uk; Medievalchurch.org.uk; TheologicalStudies.
  • Blue Cord. Blue Cord is a blog dedicated to the academic study of the Bible, particulary the Old Testament.
  • Codex. Musings on Biblical Studies, Biblical Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Popular Culture, Religion, Software, etc.
  • Daily Hebrew. The goal of DailyHebrew.com is to encourage daily reading of sacred Hebrew texts.
  • Dr. Cathey's Blog. A blog by a professor of Classical Hebrew and Aramaic who is also an Syro-Palestinian Archaeologist.
  • Evangelical Textual Criticism. This is a forum for people with knowledge of the Bible in its original languages to discuss its manuscripts and textual history from the perspective of historic evangelical theology.
  • Hebrew Bible and ANE History Lists Commentary. News and Comments that relate to the Hebrew Bible and the ANE.
  • Hebrew Scriptures and More. Summaries of readings on thoughts about the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • Miqra. Miqra is an online site for scholarly dialogue about literary, linguistic, archaeological, social, political, historical, and ideological issues in studying the Hebrew Bible.
  • PaleoJudaica.com. A Weblog on Ancient Judaism and Its Context.
  • Sanders, Seth. Serving the Word: The Hebrew Bible and related matters ancient and modern, through the lenses of philology, anthropological linguistics and political theology.

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