Hebrew Scriptures and More . . . .

Sermons from the Hebrew Scriptures

An Apologia: The following files are some of my recent sermons in presentation format. I no longer write out full manuscripts. I spend most of my time on the exegetical work and save this material in my on-going commentaries of the texts. Also the limited number of files are because my earlier sermon presentations were all in Japanese. I have added Sermons preached at Tsukuba International Christian Assembly (TICA) since April, 2010. These sermons presentation are bilingual messages.

Sermons Preached at TICA

Sermons at CBC Chapel

Sermons Preached at the Hokkaido Seikai

Sermons from the Torah

Sermons from the Former Prophets

Sermons from the Latter Prophets

Sermons from the Hagiographa

MP3s of a few Sermons - n.b. I apologize for the poor quality of these mp3s.

Philippines Homiletics Society, April 25, 2008 Presentation







Hebrew Scriptures and More . . . .